ASOS riders Gestuz Daya Biker jacket in Navy - Women ASOS Jackets

ASOS riders Gestuz Daya Biker jacket in Navy - Women ASOS Jackets

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[brand introduction:ASOS

"Even though in Japan almost no works with brand
Staff from well-balanced yet tastefully incorporating fashion
Popular brand you love celebrities and Hollywood celebs.

A marketing company that was run by Nick Robertson (Nick Robertson)
It is started from 6/2000 in London launched e-COMMERCE site that "ASOS" brand.

ASOS the name's meaning is
"And appeared in movies and TV shows are the same goods that, to sell.
From the idea of the "As Seen On Screen (seen on the screen).
Taking the first letters, were turned on.

Popular original brand has exceeded expectations, and suddenly featured brand
Other brand as the next step in-store that sells fashion for young people to convince one after the other,
In addition to the current on the latest fashion brand
Is the United Kingdom's largest fashion provider.

on the brand to the customer list Hollywood array.
ASOS fans by Mrs. Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States is well known. 』

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ASOS riders Gestuz Daya Biker jacket in Navy - Women ASOS Jackets