ASOSst Free People Georgia V Neck Knitted Jumper - Women ASOS x Bomber

ASOSst Free People Georgia V Neck Knitted Jumper - Women ASOS x Bomber

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Color: Red 6600
Model wearing size:U8 / 170 cm

* Size is approximate only. If you have any questions will ask from inquiry.
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Equivalent to UK4/EU30 (B76.0 W58.0 H83.5 cm) 4-5 / XXS-XS
UK6/EU32 (B78.5 W60.5 H86.0 cm) 5-7, worth / XS
Equivalent to UK8/EU34 (B81.0 W63.0 H88.5 cm) 7-9 / S
Equivalent to UK10/EU36 (B86.0 W68.0 H93.5 cm) 9-11, and S to M
Equivalent to UK12/EU38 (B91.0 W73.0 H98.5 cm) No. 11-13 / M
Equivalent to 13-15 UK14/EU40 (B96.0 W78.0 H103.5 cm) / M-L
UK16/EU42 (B101.0 W83.0 H108.5 cm) 15-17 equivalent / L
UK18/EU44 (B110.5 W92.5 H116.5 cm) No. 19 equivalent / L-XL
UK20/EU46 (B116.0 W98.0 H123.5 cm) 19 or higher
UK22/EU48 (B123.0 W105.0 H130.5 cm) 19 or higher
UK24/EU50 (B130.0 W112.0 H137.5 cm) 19 or higher
UK26/EU52 (B137.0 W119.0 H144.5 cm) 19 or higher
UK28/EU54 (B144.0 W126.0 H151.5 cm) 19 or higher
UK30/EU56 (B151.0 W133.0 H158.5 cm) 19 or higher

XXXS (B 76cm-81 cm)
XXS (B 81cm-86 cm)
XS (B 86cm-91 cm)
S (B 91cm-96 cm)
M (B 96cm-101 cm)
L (B 101cm-106 cm)
XL (B 106cm-111 cm)
XXL (B 111cm-116 cm)
XXXL (B 116cm-121 cm)

○ in stock status is as follows.

XS-UK 8, S-UK 10, M-UK 12, L-UK 14

in stock the 2016 / 11 / 3 is 0: 00 now.

ASOSst Free People Georgia V Neck Knitted Jumper - Women ASOS x Bomber