Beckham brand CANADA GOOSE CARSON PARKA Black Label - Men CANADA GOOSE x Down Jackets

Beckham brand CANADA GOOSE CARSON PARKA Black Label - Men CANADA GOOSE x Down Jackets

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Brand CANADA GOOSE favored sports celebs players such as Beckham, James Bond Daniel Craig, Womans. On the official website does not sell to addresses outside Canada. Because I am living in Canada Personal Shopper benefits to its VIP prices are delivered safely from the regular store.
The inspection from purchasing because local residents Personal Shopper I am, without going through a third-party shipping responsibly.

CANADA goose
Canada was made for people who live in the Arctic is a long-established brand.
Antarctic expedition in the Everest expedition, and provides product
To product development data that were presented to the product.
A warm, easy to move and is in the design of products
Boasts reliable quality Canada police and rescue workers are also employed.
Favorite fashion celebs and athletes is a popular rising further.

[100% authentic & season overseas models]
Only released products only from the official site of Canada Goose or retail purchase I. (Such as fake, being out in the shop so safe only regular stores is available)

Be assured that raised additional money from customers.

From 2015 models $ 50-$ 150 to the rise. It seems more and more rising in the popular, so please get in front.

Carson Parker black label
-Increased warmth and comfort for the neck and on the back of the sleeve brushed tricot
-Heavy duty Center front kkk2 way rockfasner
-Thermal insulation in the back of the Center front zipper for additional wind protection
And with interior snap closure two outside fleece lined hand warmer pocket
-Napoleon pocket with zip closure

Everyone longs for Canada goose is popular. Cool sounds good too!
It is a stylish collar!
Uncluttered silhouette with a preeminent Hardy were both popular stylish celebs models,

★ good quality and superior design cherishes many of the entertainers 'Canada Goose'
★ high quality capable of up to 30 degrees or less frigid down even in the train and city is convenient as well as snowboarding jacket and with excellent breathability from comfortable ♪ Fashionista wears, on both the outdoor & City items of interest.

○ customers due to your device, the colors on the screen on the monitor with the actual item or
In the material sense may differ.

More peace of mind kuroneko track in Canada will be shipped.

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Because size is larger.
In Japan wearing M size S size,
Japan wearing size L size on size M
I would get to wear in a fit.

Black / Black

-Is the posting of the official site published information-
In nude size sizes close to your body size
Please choose.

-2 XS bust / 81 ~ 84 cm waist / 69-71 cm hips / 81-84 cm
European size 38

-XS: bust / 86-89 cm waist / 69-71 cm hips / 86-89 cm
European size 42

-S: bust / 91-94 cm waist / 74-76 cm hips / 91-94 cm
European size 46

-M bust / 97-102 cm waist / 79-84 cm hip / 97-102 cm
European size 48

-L bust / 104-109 cm waist / 86-91 cm hips / 104-109 cm
European size 52

-XL bust / 112-117 cm waist / 94 to 99 cm hips / 112-117 cm
European size 56

• 2XL bust / 119-130 cm waist / 102-112 cm hips / 119-130 cm
European size 60

• 3XL bust / 132-142 cm waist / 114-124 cm hips / 132-142 cm
European size 64

To favor order be made smoothly, please contact us, size, and color. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as size. (^ ^) Thank you.

Beckham brand CANADA GOOSE CARSON PARKA Black Label - Men CANADA GOOSE x Down Jackets