Celebrity WL311V1-USA - Women New Balance x Low-Top

Celebrity WL311V1-USA - Women New Balance x Low-Top

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New Balance and the...

1906, new balance, born in United States, Massachusetts, Boston.
They afterwards for 50 years is used in orthopedic arch support, orthotic shoes.
That new balance arch support shoes and started into a company named "new balance".

-RIKA's popular model, Takizawa, Noriko, the Institute is looking for stylish people, such as George's new balance sneakers rate is high.
Are often covered in blogs and magazines.
As well as the means model is highly popular ladies model!
Secrets of the popular's pattern is to incorporate ease of comfort and fashion.

-A representative model
◆ 500 series
Of trail running shoes
A typical model for M576, ML574

• 900 series
Road running model
In 1982, first appeared as a of new balance running shoes
M996 M990, the representative models

• 1000 series
New balance 20-century flagship model
Each release new balance at the time of the latest technology but they put their series
A typical model of M1300, M1400, M1500, M1700
On a percentage basis high-priced models often

-To pamper yourself, of course, in the present recommendation.

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Celebrity WL311V1-USA - Women New Balance x Low-Top